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KiezelPay is a simple and secure way for developers to accept payments for smartwatch apps and watch-faces.

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How does it work?

1. Add Code Snippet & Publish

It takes an average developer around 30 minutes to add KiezelPay to their app or watchface. Once you add the code, you can then go ahead and publish your app to the supported appstore and sit back and wait for customers to download your development.

2. User Downloads App & Gets Notified

Once a user downloads an app or watchface that has KiezelPay installed, they will get notified that in order to continue to use the app/watchface payment is required. The user simply enters a purchase code at and goes through a simple purchase.

3. Customer Pays Securely

After entering their purchase code on their watch the user will be stepped through a secure payment. They can purchase via PayPal or Credit/Debit cards. Once paid, the app/watchface is unlocked and ready to continue to use. We handle all the rest.

4. The Developer Gets Paid

Now comes the best part for developers. After a user successfully purchases, we will then total all your purchases and payout your money every month via PayPal. You can also see tons of stats and analytics regarding all your purchases on our dev portal.

1,000,000+ successful purchases
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Minute Setup

In a matter of minutes you can install KiezelPay to any app/watch-face.


All payments are processed over a secure connection, PCI-compliant.

No Native App

Get more money and keep developments visible in the Fitbit, Garmin or Pebble store.

Trial Based Apps/Faces

Installing a trial for your developments is two clicks away.

Payment Methods

Accept payments with PayPal, and Debit/Credit cards.

Smart Dashboard

See your total income, day-to-day earnings, and much more.

Discounts/Promo Codes

Want to give your customers a discount? Just add a promo code!

Sales Tax Ready

No need to worry about charging taxes, we handle that for you.

Accepted Everywhere

No-hassle payments from any country in the world.

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